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Friday, September 14
Re: Question... - m4w   Washington, DC

It depends, and maybe you ask yourself if you are still thinking about her, then why don't you talk to her?

Friday, August 31
Aggressive driver of black Miata Thursday AM - m4w   Washington, DC

Congrats on finally pulling ahead at the light near 193. You win!

Wednesday, August 29
Pumping gas on CT Ave. - m4w   Washington, DC

Late Saturday morning. You were filling your green Pontiac (I think) at the corner of Connecticut and Porter, wearing a pink tank top and pink and white patterned skirt. I'm pretty sure you knew I was an admirer, you caught me looking. I know... ...

Tuesday, August 21
WOODS OF FAIRFAX - m4w   Washington, DC

You are a very attractive brunette with a small dog. Spoke with you a couple of times and the last time I saw you, you waved at me as I left. I should have stayed and talked to you. Email me if you get this.

IS it Wrong - w4m - 32   Washington, DC

That I think about you non-stop? That I wish we had met 7 years ago? When I am near you all I want to do is touch you. Just venting to my Crush..

Prosperity Ave Fairfax - m4w - 20   Washington, DC

I was delivering pizza's and waiting to make a left on rt 50 from prosperity ave, you were in the next lane over waitin to go straight, i noticed you kept lookin over at me and you should let me know if you read this!

RE:RE:Ford Truck - VA Tags - Palm Beach Tan Sun Night 930PM - m4m - 26   Washington, DC

While I am not the original poster, that response just made me throw up a little bit. You screeched like a howler monkey: "LMAO I know this guy ur talking buddy he's married and deff. STRAIT but i have to say he's HOTTTTT....